Celestial Unification Project (CUP)

Remembering Who We Are


The Celestial Unification Project (CUP) is Remembering, Realizing, and Renewing humanity’s commitment to the long-forgotten mission of recognizing Oneness with the Creator and all creation.
This CUP is the vessel blending and uniting the delicate balance of humanity’s spiritual and physical natures bringing forth conscious awareness of who we truly are.
Who you are and your connection to the celestial beings of light.

The delicate balance of your human and divine natures.


Your commitment as a member of the Celestial Unification Project (CUP).

The mystical moments of sacredness confirmed in the ordinary circumstances of life.
According to the Seven Keys and be the change you want to see in the world.

A Quote from The CUProject

“I don’t belong anywhere, I belong everywhere.”

Mary Jane

Mary Jane Adams is an adventurous student and seeker of wisdom and truth who advocates balancing spirituality and physicality.

A Quote from The CUProject

“Whoever loves you most, I love you more.”