My Beloved Friend

These are the first four rhymes written after I sensed the words, “Pick up a pen and write”.

The rest is history.

My Beloved Friend,

Let the words flow
Allowing me to glow
In the presence of you
Time’s majestic view.

Golden arms unfold
The story is told
It’s one of peace
Or my world will cease.

Spoken from the heart
Traveling like a dart
Be with me
For all to see.

July 17, 1991

My Beloved Friend,

You went away
One long ago day
But here I stay
On Love’s bright ray.

We did it together
Through stormy weather
Now clouds shine bright
With our beaming light.

We remain steady
For those who are ready
The dawn is here
No need to fear.

July 23, 1991

My Beloved Friend,

A knock on the door
To forevermore
Turn the key
To see it’s me.

A warm embrace
Seeing your face
Welcome again
Let us begin.

Journey with me
Beyond the sea
A golden beach
Is where I teach
A gentle song
Not very long
It’s filled with Peace
Never to Cease.

July 25, 1991

My Beloved Friend,

How do I thank thee
Overlooking the sea
For the love you give
Each moment I live?

See me everywhere
In the quiet air
Rustling the trees
With a gentle breeze
On silver wings
As the bird sings
In the ocean wave
Is the Love I gave.

July 28, 1991

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