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Welcome to my world. Thank you for taking the time to join me as I share the still small voice of my soul; sometimes it shouts, sometimes it’s silent.


In writing the book, “Celestial Unification Project (CUP) Remembering Who We Are,” the most important word is “remembering” — for it is in remembering the Divine Nature of humanity within the framework of our ordinary lives, which are really quite extraordinary, we become the change we want to see in the world.

Humankind is powerful beyond our wildest dreams. We just need to remember how powerful we are. When we remember, we are able to transform our lives for the better. When we remember, we are able to be more loving, more tolerant,  more compassionate,  more peaceful. When we remember, we are able to live more from our Divine Nature than our human nature. When we remember to let our Light shine, that spark of Divinity within us, we become the ones creating heaven on earth.

When we remember that we are celestial beings of Light encased in a physical body, we know, not just believe, that we are human and Divine. We know that we are created by the spark of Divine Love to remember that we are children of this Love Divine by whatever name you identify the Divine.

Let us honor both our human nature and our Divine Nature. How do we do that? Hopefully, by reading the CUProject book and the writings on this website you will begin to remember. When I am asked to describe these mystical writings, I say that I am the scribe, not the author. My wish is that they inspire you as much as they continue to inspire me.

Much love,