My Beloved One

The My Beloved One rhymes began while meditating in Panther Meadow at the 9,000 foot level on Mount Shasta, California

My Beloved One,

The world below
Is full of woe
You’re now on top
No more to stop.

The climbs been made
Karma is paid
You are one
With the sun (light).

October 11, 1992

My Beloved One,

Vibrations of sound
Impressions abound
Beingness is heard
As taught by the word.

From compassionate eyes
Where all love abides
Knowingness grows
In timeless repose.

October 16, 1992

My Beloved One,

A timeless embrace
In this sparkling place
We call it our home
No longer to roam.

Impressions are real
It’s how we feel
Together once more
Love opened the door.

October 26, 1992

My Beloved One,

How can I leave?
Only believe

You never leave
Within the heart
We’re never apart
I am with you
In all you do.

October 27, 1992

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