Messages From Beyond Time

Footprints of the Gods Vol. 1

Messages From Beyond Time, Footprints of the Gods was dictated to the author from a Consciousness of Love outside the concept of time. In reading these Messages you will:

Learn Timeless Truths in the Schoolhouse of Earth.
Learn to Live Life from your Soul Nature.
Learn from the Master Teachers of Faith, Hope, and Love.
Learn You Are One with these Master Teachers.

Celestial Unification Project (CUP)

Remembering Who We Are

Remember who you are and your connection to the celestial beings of light. Realize the delicate balance of your human and divine natures. Renew your commitment as members of the Celestial Unification Project. Read the mystical moments of sacredness confirmed in the ordinary circumstances of life. Live according to the Seven Keys and be the change you want to see in the world.