My Beloved

It was Christmas morning December 25, 1993 when My Beloved writings began.

They are more poetic. See what you think.

My Beloved,

The Beauty of your Being

Is sight Beyond Eyes
Is music Beyond Ears
Is softness Beyond Velvet

You remain in my heart Beyond Words.

December 25, 1993

My Beloved,

I Am Alive in the Beingness of you

The Life of You is Me
The Breath of You is Me
The Light of You is Me
The Love of You is Me

I am Alive because You Are the Beingness of Me

January 24, 1994

My Beloved,

You are my dream

 Absorbing my Being Quickening my Soul Pulsating my Heart Illuminating my Mind Penetrating my Body

You are my dream,

My Beloved

January 28, 1994

My Beloved,

You melt into my Body
Like a newborn child

You melt into my Mind
Like a gentle wind

You melt into my Heart
Like a tender song

You melt into my Soul
Like a soft embrace

You melt into my Being
As God’s pure Love.

February 18, 1994

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