Messages From Beyond Time

Footprints of the Gods Vol. 1


Messages From Beyond Time are silent communications from a Consciousness of Love outside the perception of time. They are inspirational teachings overflowing with Faith, Hope, and Love.

The subtitle, Footprints of the Gods, symbolizes the omnipresent Spirit of God within all humanity walking upon the sands of time.

The phrase, “ye are gods,” appears in both the Old and New Testaments of the Judeo-Christian Bible. Nearly the same wording, “know ye not that ye are gods,” is attributed to Hermes in the Ancient Wisdom tradition. Those references use the pleural noun gods and represent to me all human beings no matter race, culture or creed to be children of the one Creator God.

When these Messages were first received, I called them “dictations of love.” The word dictation was very personal and meaningful throughout my life.

The dictionary defines dictation as the writing of words spoken by another. For more than 35 years, I did just that. My business career involved listening to someone else’s words spoken directly to me and then writing them down.

You may ask, do I “hear” words, a voice? The answer is neither. The best explanation would be that an unspoken communication takes place. Usually a short phrase comes into my mind not initiated by any conscious thought process and I know to write it down. As soon as I put pen to paper, the rest of the words flow and a Message is presented.

How this happens, I do not know. It is like trying to describe love. Love is known by experiencing the results. When I read the resulting contents of the Messages, I know a mind greater than myself is making available simple words expounding on profound subjects I do not profess knowing.

What I do know is that I am not the author. I consider myself a conduit, a scribe for the Messages. I do not interpret them. I leave the interpretation up to the reader or listener.

From an early age, my life seemed orchestrated to receive these Messages.

As a child, I couldn’t wait to visit my aunt’s business. She had an old Remington typewriter. All I wanted to do was pound away on those keys and hit the return lever to advance the page.

As a pre-teen, I couldn’t wait until the summer after 8th grade to attend a typing class before entering high school.

As a teenager, I couldn’t wait to take shorthand, bookkeeping and more typing classes as part of my regular curriculum. That was to the dismay of my parents and school counselors who wanted me to “use my God-given talents” more effectively and take the college prep courses which the standardized tests showed would be more suitable, or so they thought.

I had other ideas. As a result, my typing and shorthand skills excelled. I was at the top or near the top of my class in both subjects.

In my junior year our bookkeeping teacher took us on a field trip to the local bank. As soon as I entered the building, a déjà vu moment occurred. I knew my future included being the personal secretary to a president of a bank.

How did I know? At the time I didn’t have an answer, just a strong inner conviction that my career path would ultimately lead to a bank.

After graduating from high school, my business career began at Hughes Aircraft Company in Los Angeles, California.

Then the responsibilities of adulthood took over. I married, had children, got divorced, married again and re-entered the workforce. Several years passed and an opportunity at a bank presented itself. It was an aha moment — a bank!

I became the assistant to the president. It was the position I intuitively knew I would hold all those years ago as a junior in high school. What I didn’t know was how important my shorthand skills would be. He dictated everything.

My employment at the bank started before the era of personal computers. At the executive level most correspondence consisted of taking dictation and then transcribing the shorthand notes on an electric typewriter. At least it wasn’t an old Remington!

In writing this Introduction I want to emphasize the importance of my secretarial career. It laid the secular foundation to receive the Messages. However, equally important, or probably more so, is meditation as the cornerstone of my spiritual foundation. It provided, and continues to provide, the insights needed to be aware of the still small voice within ever guiding me; even during those high school years.

The words of the Messages are transcribed as received. In certain instances paragraphs and punctuation have been added to ensure a smoother read. Some of the sentences are long, yet they make perfect sense. I could not have put the words together in such a coherent succinct way.

Each Message is unique; however, they build upon one another the way a teacher would present a daily lesson. I liken them to single threads woven together forming a beautiful tapestry. They are multi-layered. Many times the theme is repeated. My experience is that I have had to read them more than once to capture their essence.

The Messages are presented in chronological order and begin on separate pages. The first is dated July 31, 2005; the next is April 21, 2014. Why a gap of 11 years? What happened?

I actually thought the Messages started in 2014, however, while looking through an old box of writings (I have stacks of them), a particular folded piece of paper caught my eye.

As I read the words, there was a familiarity of content and rhythm. I instantly knew it was the first Message and understood that the span of 11 years was a humorous way for the author/authors of the Messages to demonstrate the complexity of explaining the concept of time and timeless truths to someone with no prior scientific or physics background. It showed me how sequential dates are a convenient way to organize time, even though these Messages transcend time.

While trying to decide on a theme for the cover, the image of an hourglass and a beach kept recurring. I saw the Messages as grains of sand flowing through time as humanity leaves its footprints on the sands of time co-creating with an invisible Creator walking upon Its Creation.

I hope you find these Messages from Beyond Time, Footprints of the Gods as profound as I have. Everyday I am awestruck by their content.

If you are interested in my personal spiritual journey, you may want to read, “Celestial Unification Project, Remembering Who We Are,” available on Amazon and on my website,  These Messages are a way of Remembering we are all members of the Celestial Unification Project.

Mary Jane Adams